A nightmare neoplasm!


 This horse belongs to the daughter of a non-veterinary colleague of mine. The lesion started several years ago and was first diagnosed as a reaction to a fly bite, but it’s clearly something much worse than that. It has already had several treatments to no avail at different veterinary centres. What does it have and what do you think I should do with it now?

I call it a  nightmare neoplasm as my youngest son said he would have nightmares having seen it earlier today. Can you give me a good night’s sleep with a sure-fire therapeutic strategy?! 

 Here it is close up and even more horrible!

 This is a particularly nasty sarcoid. BCG injections, iridium wires and surgical debulking at other referral centres have only served to make it grow more aggressively according to the horse’s poor owner who is at her wits’ end. I think my solution is going to be a radical excision and exenteration with a mesh skin graft over the periocular area. But I would be really interested to know if you have any better ideas!

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  1. AMJ says:

    laser these now. or cryotherapy, which leaves a white area, but seems to have good results.

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