A Clinical Case from the Archives : 15/02/2005

This dog has a history of ocular trauma three months ago. What might be the cause of the redness in this eye? Can you link it with the other signs visible in the globe?

The trauma has resulted in uveitis and glaucoma with a lens luxation (note the yellow cataractous lens in the middle of the anterior segment). It is difficult to knoow what order these events occured in. The lens luxation could be post traumatic with resulting uveitis and glaucoma or the uveitis could be the first event with resulting globe enlargement, secondary lens luxation and uveitis. My bet is for the first train of events. The dog is comfortable and, surprisingly seems to need no treatment, at leats according to the owner. Others of you may beg to differ – do click the reply button on the homepage to send me your thoughts!


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