David’s publications span a wide range of topics in veterinary ophthalmology from his PhD research in corneal inflammation, through current work in dry eye and age-related cataract to more unusual subjects of farmed fish and wildliofe ophthalmology. He has always had an interest in exotic animals and hence in their eyes. He has published book chapters and papers on eye disease in animals from amphibians to zebra; here are his most recent publications in this area, covering eye disease in farmed fish, rats and snowy owls.

Recent papers are available online (see below), David is also happy to provide a hard copy of other papers by post. Please e-mail him him with your contact details and the full title/publication details of the paper required.

A much wider range of papers is hosted in a Google Driver folder here online. We plan to make a more easily searchable archive available in the near future, but in the meantime feel free to email David to find out if he has published something you are trying to track down.

View publications on this site here.

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