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Is this worth worrying about?

At a routine examination this circular mass is noted in a pony’s eye. The owner trawls the internet and is worried about it being an iris melanoma. Can you assuage her fears? Continue reading

Are these dots dangerous?

This pony is being purchased for a six year old girl to start riding, but the owner wants to know if this eye is anything to worry about. Specifically is the corneal haze going to alter vision substantially and should we be concerned about the black dots in the eye? Continue reading

A cloudy view?

What is happening in the cornea of this Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? Continue reading

Wide eyed!

This little 13 year old cat comes to you with widely dilated unresponsive pupils, apparently totally blind. His owner has come back from holiday having left his neighbour to feed the cat, to find her like this. Continue reading

A flawed cornea?

This beautiful young spaniel comes to you with irritated eyes. Can you see what might be the problem? Continue reading