A Bassett with a bothersome eye

This rather depressed looking twelve year old dog is presented with a red irritated eye. What is your likely diagnosis?

Well given that its a Bassett with a red painful(ish) eye my mind immediately springs to a diagnosis of glaucoma. But have another look at the redness – tiny vessels diffusely hyperaemic.

In dogs at least, an acutely glaucomatous eye should have engorged episcleral vessels with white sclera between them more like this:

And sure enough while the Bassett with the very red eye immediately above has an intraocular pressure of 45mmHg, the one we started off with only has a pressure of 8mmHg, and it isn’t blind! That makes it more likley to have a uveitis, with the only problem being that it has a dilated pupil while a uveitic eye should have a constricted one. Clearly it hasn’t read the books! We’ve put it on topical steroid drops and will watch and wait to see what happens.

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2 Responses to A Bassett with a bothersome eye

  1. Austin says:

    My dog has the same thing going on with her eye? What do I do? How do I make it stop swelling and doing more damage? I really love my dog she is the best animal I had ever had I really hope there is help out there?:(

  2. Sonia says:

    omg im from Bulgaria my doggy have the same problem, and no one can help us, all doctors didnt know what actually it is, and how to treat the eye ….. im feeling so hopeless

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