A Clinical Case from the Archives : 16/05/2007

Sorry for not putting any images up on the site recently – too many cases, not enough time to put them up. Here’s one for you – a stray cat I saw at a rehoming charity today. What has it got and what would you do?

This cat has a chronic severe keratitis – maybe FHV-1 in the first place but now it has a descmetocoele, protruding out of the ocular surface as shown by this slit-beam image. An ulcer has gone far enough that only the elastic Descemet’s membrane is remaining, and this bulges with intraocular pressure all too easily. If the cat were insured it would have had a corneo-conjunctival graft today, but as it is a stray which has had this problem for ages, we’ll leave it for now. Its sufficiently fibrosed that perforation is unlikely. Having said that it’ll probably pop tomorrow!


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