A dog with a black blob!

If the last case was a cat with white blobs on its cornea, here is a labrador with a black blob on or in its eye! Again its a case of pattern recognition – so what is the diagnosis and what needs to be done? By the way the owner is worried its a melanoma – can you reassure her or does it need a referral?

The perfect circular profile of this structure strongly suggests it is an iris cyst – a closer view shows it is somewhat translucent demonstrating it not to be a neoplastic mass. Well truth to tell we should call this a uveal cyst as it arises not from the iris but from the ciliary body. In this black labrador nothing needs to be done but in some other breeds such as the Golden Retriever multiple cysts can be associated with uveitis or glaucoma – or both! If it is likely to be causing a problem the cyst can be removed by flushing it from the eye with a flush of fluid and a small incision in the cornea, or maybe even by lasering it. The intraocular pressure was 13mmHg (15mmHg in the other eye) showing that no such heroics are needed!

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