A cat with white blobs on its eye!

Much of ophthalmology is simple pattern recognition. If you’ve seen a cat with these striking white lesions on its cornea before you’ll immediately know what the diagnosis is, and if you haven’t you’ll know after looking at this one! What is the diagnosis?

There really isn’t anything this could be apart from eosinophilic keratoconjunctivitis, but if one wanted to be sure, a corneal scrape should show eosiphils like this one, although some cases have a more varied inflammatory cell population. The trouble is not so much diagnosis as treatment. Topical steroid may be effective but often oral megoestrol acetate is the best treatment regime, even given the possible side effects of this drug.

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  1. Dear David,
    Thank you for this website. I really love it ! From Romania with gratitude, DR A

  2. hannah capon says:

    hey there David.

    I am treating a cat that has had eos keratitis diagnosed a long time ago, and it has been managed on maxitrol drops quite well, when he has a flare up they put him on pred which works, but he is gaining weight like bilio!. what’s your experience of dex plus cyclosporin? if that is ineffective would you use antivirals as suggested in some texts? would you use ovarid short term over long term pred?
    all help would be appreciated- thanks

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