Eye of the rising sun!


Looking at this eye reminded me of the Animals’ glorious hit from 1964 ‘House of the rising sun’ (listen and watch at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmdPQp6Jcdk!) But what are you seeing in the eye?

 This is a lens subluxated but still behind the pupil  with the tapetal reflection wonderfully concentrated by the lens. The majority of cases present with an aphakic crescent as in this cat where the lens is in the anterior chamber and the iris behind it:

But in our Yorkie its a rising sun rather than a crescent moon! Incidentally the eye was comfortable and visual with a low intraocular pressure and as the dog was old, we decided not to dive into surgery but warn the owners to call us immediately if the eye ever became painful. Was that the right decision?

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2 Responses to Eye of the rising sun!

  1. Simon says:

    Xalatan to stop it migrating. But it is very expensive. How much can you dilute it in dogs and still have it effective?

  2. davidwilliams says:

    The worry I have with using Xalatan in such cases is that if the lens does move in front of the iris and then the pupil is made miotic, you get a real problem! But thanks for the comment. Its also pretty expensive and I wouldn’t recommend diluting it.

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