A Clinical Case from the Archives : 09/08/2006

Many apologies to those of you who regularly visit this site – I haven’t put any cases on for a couple of months, mainly because I’m hard at work writing my FRCVS dissertation on – believe it or not – ocular abnormalities in farmed halibut! What abnormalities can you see here?

Difficult to see on that picture maybe, but there is gross exophthalmos with iridal haemorrhage and bubbles in the anterior chamber of the eye. Bubbles? Here is another picture of the same thing. The choroid in fish produces high levels of oxygen by a countercurrent multiplier system and when farmed in shallow water this gas can come out of solution giving profound ocular pathology. A few of my papers on this weird subject are available on the recent publications page, if you fancy an unusual read! I won’t have finished writing this up till the end of September, but in October I’ll get back to showing off my favourite cases of the week! Have a good summer till then!


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