A Clinical Case from the Archives : 30/01/2006

This cat is presented with an uncomfortable eye but its really the owner who is uncomfortable with the appearance of the cat – the eye is enlarged. We’ll come to the reason for that in the next image, but why is the eye uncomfortable?

There is corneal oedema but notice also the blackish spots from about three o’clock to seven o’clock ventrally. These are keratic precipitates (deposits of inflammatory cells from the aqueous on the back face of the cornea) showing that the cat has uveitis. The iris is muddy and reddened too supporting that diagnosis. This could be related to FeLV, FIV, FIP or Toxoplasma but the owner decines further work-up, happy to go for topical anti-inflammatory treatment alone. Go to the next question to see how the eye looks compared to the contralateral side.


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