A Clinical Case from the Archives : 21/01/2008

My colleague Mark Ames e-mailed to ask if I was OK as I hadn’t put any pics on for quite a time! The answer is I’ve been editing a new ophthalmic issue of the Veterinary Clinics of North America which should come out in the spring – all immune-mediated eye disease with some excellent cutting edge papers and some brilliant reviews – but that has taken up all my time! Mark’s beautiful picture of this equine eye was an abolsute must to upload though, I hope you’ll agree – what is going on do you think?

Well thanks for a fantastic image Mark – the black sphere is a wonderful iris cyst and there are persistent pupillary membranes too, though they are small and insignificant in my view – not so the keratic precipitates ventrally looking like big blobs of fat (hence their name mutton fat KPs – they signal intraocular inflammation) There is some corneal oedema around them which has apparently worsened recently. This might be a recrudescence of past uveitis, except that the KPs look old and not at all active and the rest of the iris looks crisp and clear. Compare with this recurrent uveitis case where the iris is dull and dark brown. Maybe there’s been some recent trauma to cause the increase in corneal haze – who can tell!


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