A Clinical Case from the Archives : 22/07/2005

This terrier was given a lamb bone to chew at the weekend. Early the next week the owner reports he had a ‘puffy looking eye’ but that this calmed down with systemic antibiotic. A week later the eye looked like this. What might be going on and what diagnostic steps would you take?

This eye, as they say, is ‘hot’! The intraocular pressure was 45mmHg and an ultrasound shows the classic ‘sea gull’ sign of retinal detachment with fluid or blood behind the retina too. Its most likely that there has been a penetration of the eye by a bone shard through the orbit. Gross ocular damage has led to both uveitis and glaucoma without the chance of regaiing vision. The eye was enucleated confirming traumatic uveitis and retinal detachment.


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