A Clinical Case from the Archives : 26/11/2005

This 3 year old alpaca has had a corneal problem for nearly a year now. Today was the first time I saw it but I admit I can understand why the other ophthalmologists who have examined the eye have been mystified – the lesion had the same effect on me! Can you help?

Here is the lesion as it appeared ten months ago – stained by the owner who is an optometrist. Subsequent viral, bacterial and fungal culture have proved negative and histopathology revealed only epithelial hyperkeratosis and dyskeratosis. Having used upevery other option they scrape the bottom of tyhe barrel and call me in! The alpaca has been on topical antibiotic and steroid for months with no effect. My feeling is that we should stop all treatment for a couple of weeks and then perform a superficial keratectomy and place a contact lens, as if this were a boxer-type ulcer. But if you have a better idea do please e-mail me asap!


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