A Clinical Case from the Archives : 27/05/2005

What is causing the blindness in this youg calf? What might the underlying cause be? The animal also has spastic paresis of its hindlimbs which may or may not help you with the diagnosis!

The calf has a cataract with asociated iritis – notice how the iris is adherant to the lens capsule dorally and ventrally with the lateral and medial areas of the pupil ballooning out giving this strange erythrocyte-in-crossection appearance! I’m not sure which can first, the uvetis or the cataract, but I guess the latter. This may well be associated with BVD – the calf is BVD-antibody negative but that may mean little and we await the BVD antigen test. Incidentally, compare the iris with the contralateral eye shown here and see how much darker it is, a sure sign of uveitisas well as the synechiae top and bottom.


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