Is there an eye at all?!

This poor little cat came in to us via the RSPCA with no home and apparently no eye either! What has happened here and how would you proceed diagnostically and therapeutically?

This cat has a severe orbital cellulitis. An ultrasound scan shows the eye to be structurally normal but surrounded by echogenic inflammatory tissue.

The abscess was drained with an incision through the cheek as the mouth could not be opened. Ampicillin and metranidazole antibiotics were given per os to cover both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria  and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory was also prescribed. A day later the cat is on the road to recovery and while the eye cannot yet see much, at least it can be seen! If anyone wants to give him a home, e-mail me straight away!

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2 Responses to Is there an eye at all?!

  1. helen o'hare says:

    Hi David,
    Hope a home has been found by now. Just wondered is this some kind of xxy cat as it is a tabby tortie and white which should be female!
    Love the site.

  2. Hazel says:

    Is this helen who worked in streatham with peche??

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