A Clinical Case from the Archives : 29/09/2005

This 7 month labrador is presented with this slowly growing excrescence (well I’m not quite sure what word to use for it!) and associated exophthalmos. What might be going on here?

The truth is the dog came in today so I’m not quite sure myself what is going on here. I put the image up for your help please, if you’ve seen something similar! Here is one of a number of ultrasound images of the retrobulbar area. Clearly there are cysts which extend into the retrobulbar space but what could they be? Fluid filled sacs associated with the lacrimal or nasolacrimal system? A zygomatic salivary problem? An echinococcal or similar parasitic cyst? Or a simple but giant set of conjunctival cysts? Please e-mail me if you have an idea!


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