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A spotty retina!

Here is an image taken of focal lesions on the retina of an Eagle owl. They seem to have no effect on the bird’s vision but what are they and should we be concerned? Oh and what is the black slug lurking at the bottom of the picture?! Continue reading

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Corneal catastrophe?

A favourite ex-student of mine called me from South Africa yesterday about a horse with a problem eye – or should that be an eye problem?! Continue reading

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A pug pigment problem!

This pug has been brought to you as the owner is worried about his eyes – what can you see – and perhaps more importantly for animal and owner what can he see?! Continue reading

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Is this a problem?

This German Shepherd Dog has just been brought in to a rehoming shelter and I’m called in to say what new owners should be told about the appearance of the cornea. The dog seems visual and comfortable at present but is there a potential problem here? Continue reading

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A rapid response needed!

This 2 year old Springer spaniel has gone blind suddenly in this red painful eye. What is the lilely diagnosis and what is the necessary emergency treatment? Continue reading

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A nightmare neoplasm!

This horse belongs to the daughter of a non-veterinary colleague of mine. The lesion started several years ago and was first diagnosed as a reaction to a fly bite, but it’s clearly something much worse than that. It has already had several treatments to no avail at different veterinary centres. What does it have and what do you think I should do with it now? Continue reading

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Wide eyed!

This cat looks very wide eyed doesn’t it? Wide pupilled one should say, if such a word exists! The cat can see but has no pupillary light reflex at all. Continue reading

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A triad of TLAs!

What TLA  (three letter acronym!) might best describe this dog’s eye condition? And what additional TLA would give you the diagnosis for sure?! Continue reading

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A differential list of one?

A 9 year old labrador with droopy lower and upper eyelids, a somewhat enophthalmic globe with third eyelid protrusion and a miotic pupil normally means just one thing to me. But this dog had a somewhat painful eye as well which made me think of a second explanation of these signs. What was I thinking of? Continue reading

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Will this cure cataracts?

This is n-acetyl carnosine, an antioxidant developed by Dr Mark Babizhayev who claims that his product has beneficial effects when applied to eyes with cataract. I was interested in this product around ten years ago and conducted some preliminary research into its use in 30 dogs, which we published in the peer reviewed journal Veterinary Ophthalmology. The big question is does this compound work to resolve cataract, rendering this sort of eye visual again? Continue reading

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