Is this a problem?

 This German Shepherd Dog has just been brought in to a rehoming shelter and I’m called in to say what new owners should be told about the appearance of the cornea. The dog seems visual and comfortable at present but is there a potential problem here?

 Given the breed of the animal, it is highly likely that this is quiescent case of chronic superficial keratitis or pannus as we used to call it. We are more used to seeing the condition appearing like this

 as a slightly raised neovascular lesion, but my guess is that the dog in question has been treated for the condition previously and that now it is wintertime the only lesions left are some focal areas of stromal pigment and a few blood vessels. The worry is that once the summer comes increased UV irradiation will set the autoimmune inflammatory processes off again and continual treatment with topical steroid or cyclosporine will be required. The best thing to do would be to put the dog on a low dose of prophylactic topical anti-inflammatory to ensure that the disease does not recur with avengance!

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  1. Thank you for posting this Dr Williams!

  2. shabbir says:

    I recently saw a GSD with Bilateral pink granulation (maninly ventral and lateral in origin) in both eyes as shown in the above picture? PLR was normal and Florecin stain was -ve. She would not stay still for the STT.

    I have started her on optimune. How long before I should see a response?
    would she need optimune life long? Should I consider any further tests?

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