Lack of Effects on Lymphocyte Function of Topical Cyclosporine

Some years ago research suggested that topical cyclosporine, as used for canine dry eye, resulted in reduced lymphocyte function. Yet the drug has been used for years without immunosuppressive effects. Here we repeated the original work and showed that there is no systemic absorption of topical cyclosporine and hence no generalised immunomodulatory effect…

View the pdf of the paper below:

2010 Lack of effects on lymphocyte function from chronic topical ocular cyclosporine medication: a prospective study

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3 Responses to Lack of Effects on Lymphocyte Function of Topical Cyclosporine

  1. Hello. I read about your new gel for treatment of dry eye in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I have 3 -10 day old puppies with the curly coat/dry eye syndrome. Only one has the “goopy” eyes. Is it possible there are levels of severity of dry eye?

    What is, in your opinion, the best treatment for their eyes? (I am in the USA.) When will your new gel be available, and will I be able to buy it here?

    By the way, we suspected our female might be a carrier of the gene, but was assured by the stud dog owner that her male was clear. Obviously, he was not. I am testing all my dogs and will require documentation on stud dogs in the future.

    Thank you for your work toward helping these poor little creatures.

  2. Tony Quinsee says:

    Shirley, I believe you may be referring to CentrX KCS which we have been giving to one of our Yorkies with great success. It’s actually manufactured in the USA by CentrX Animal Care.

    We tried her on a cylclosporine ointment but it was causing worse inflammation that she started off with.

    KCS has to be administered twice a day (in our case) and it takes a second and results in a lovely shiny eye and a happy dog.

    Good luck,

  3. Lisa says:

    I am a proud friend of a CKCS with many health problems, he is a great companion and a brave dog, he always had amazing eyes but, at the moment dry eye has stolen all their brightning.
    We live in Italy and we heard about KCS, is it possible to buy it online or similar? I want to see my friend’s eyes happy again…
    Thank you for any answer you would give and thank to Dr Williams for his great job!

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