A Clinical Case from the Archives : 10/11/2006

What has this ten year old West Highland White Terrier got wrong with its eyes? And what can we do – topical cyclosporine doesn’t work at 0.2% or 2%, tacrolimus does no better and tear replacement (whoops I’ve given the game away with regard to my first question haven’t I?!) aren’t having much success either. Where next?

The dog needs a parotid duct transposition – allowing it to salivate onto its ocular surface. Think about it – apart from an enzyme or two there’s little difference between the secretion of the salivary gland and the lacrimal gland. Here’s the result an hour and a half after surgery with a lovely moist ocular surface. A real success after months of faffing around (if you’ll excuse the phrase!) with medical therapy. We should have operated much sooner!


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