A Clinical Case from the Archives : 05/11/2005

A cocker spaniel turns up this morning with an eye characterised by corneal oedema, episcleral congestion, a vascular fringe at its limbus, a dilated pupil and visual impairment. What is the likely diagnosis?

Well the likely diagnosis, as most of you will have guessed, is glaucoma. The only trouble is that the intraocular pressure was 16mmHg. I took the pressure again and again with a tonopen and tonovet tonometer but couldn’t get the pressure any higher! I guess it could be that there is uveitis as well as glaucoma, bringing down the pressure, but would it normalise it? And would the pupil still be widely dilated? I must admit the case has got me somewhat stumped! E-mail me if you know what’s happening, please!


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