A Clinical Case from the Archives : 10/01/2005

What is the problem in this young labrador and how would you correct it?

The dog has severe lower lid entropion with trichiasis (abrasion of lid hairs on the cornea) and excess lacrimation from ocular surface trauma. A number of techniques could be used to evert the lid, perhaps the most commonly used being the Hotz-Celsus technique where an ellipse of skin is removed to create tension to pull the lid margin out. In this case we used the Quickert-Rathbun technique to place a single fornix-based suture to evert the lid margin. Read about it in Entropion correction by fornix-based suture placement: use of the Quickert-Rathbun technique in ten dogs. Vet Ophthalmol. 2004 7:343-7 downloadable from the recent publications page of the website.


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