The need for two views!


 I do enjoy receiving images from you for a quick e-diagnosis but many times one does need to see the animal face to face – maybe I should say eye to eye! Here is a cat where a frontal view gives some idea of what is going on but really a full appreciation only comes when other views of the globe can be assessed. What do you think is happening here?


 There is a corneal opacity here it would seem that obscures a clear view of the anterior segment, but there is marked dyscoria – that’s to say the pupil is all mis-shapen. A side view shows the pathology in a much more striking manner:

 The iris is dragged downwards towards the lens by posterior synechiae giving a funnel-like appearance when one is able to see it in 3D. This is the end result of a severe uveitis but the eye is comfortable with an intraocular pressure of 25mmHg, higher than normal but not through the roof! There is obviously still a passageway for aqueous to pass through the pupil and drain in the iridocorneal angle. The cat is blind in this eye but not bothered about it at all – so neither should we be!

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