A Clinical Case from the Archives : 05/11/2005

The dog in the previous qustion has a problem in its right eye as well. Persistent copious discharge and a red eye but one that is visual are seen here. What might be going on?

The Schirmer tear test here is 5mm compared with 15mm in the other eye. So KCS is the diagnosis in this eye. The corneal oedema here is likely to be because of ocular surface microtrauma from dryness, not endothelial damage from glaucoma. I know you might say that I’ve put quite a few dry eye cases on the website, but it just shows its always something to look for – a Schirmer test test is so easy to do. All too many dogs go through several different topical antibiotics before someone realises that infection isn’t the problem and that KCS is a more likely diagnosis.


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