A Clinical Case from the Archives : 29/09/2005

This dog is presented with a acutely red painful lacrimating eye. There’s obviously a corneal ulcer here, stained with fluorescein dye and conjunctival hyperaemia. But what has caused the ulcer? Look carefully. Can you see the problem?

A bit of extra history might have been useful I suppose – this all started after the dog had been playing in a meadow in late summer. Nothing very diagnostically taxing here – just a grass awn in the dog’s lower medial conjunctival sac behind its third eyelid (you can just see the ends of the awn poking out or maybe it takes the eye of faith!)and it is this foreign body which is resulting in this superficial ulcer. Removal and a few days topical antibiotic were all that were needed. Thanks to Vicky Peirce who actually whipped the offending article out before I had a chance to!


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