Dr David L Williams

MA VetMB PhD CertVOphthal FRCVS

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  • Rodent and Rabbit Ophthalmology
    A review paper on ophthalmology of rodents and rabbits kept as pet or laboratory animals. …

    (c) D Williams 2008

  • Evaluation of Sutureless Cataract Surgery in the Dog
    Here collaborative work with Dr Kim from South Korea has assessed whether phacoemulsification surgery for cataract through a small corneal incision is possible without suture placement - it is! …

    (c) D Williams 2008

  • Canine extraocular myositis
    A paper describing extraocular myositis in the dog based on a multi-centre retrospective study of over 30 cases. …

    (c) D Williams 2008

  • Immunopathology of canine keratoconjunctivitis sicca
    A review paper on the immune-mediated disease causing dry eye in people, dogs and experimental rodents …

    (c) D Williams 2008

  • Oxidative stress and the eye
    A review paper documenting the influence of oxidative stress on all aspects of ophthalmic disease from conjunctivitis to optic neuritis, based mostly on work in man and experimental rodents but focussing on relevance to companion animal eye disease. …

    (c) D Williams 2008

  • Reduced tear production in three canine endocrinopathies
    Previous reports have documented dry eye in dogs with hypothyroidism and diabetes mellitus. Here we looked at tear production n dogs with these conditions and with Cushing's disease, finding reduced Schirmer tear tests in all three diseases compared with one hundred normal dogs. …

    (c) D Williams 2007