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David's publications span a wide range of topics in veterinary ophthalmology from his PhD research in corneal inflammation, through current work in dry eye and age-related cataract to more unusual subjects of farmed fish and wildliofe ophthalmology. He has always had an interest in exotic animals and hence in their eyes. He has published book chapters and papers on eye disease in animals from amphibians to zebra; here are his most recent publications in this area, covering eye disease in farmed fish, rats and snowy owls.

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  • Congenital ocular abnormalities in farm animals
    Here we review not all congenital abnormalities in farm animals but rather concentrate on a smaller number of conditions in which research on their aetiopathology has been undertaken over the past decade - from cylopia in lambs to anophthalmos in calves. …

    (c) DL Williams 2010

  • Lack of Effects on Lymphocyte Function of Topical Cyclosporine
    Some years ago research suggested that topical cyclosporine, as used for canine dry eye, resulted in reduced lymphocyte function. Yet the drug has been used for years without immunosuppressive effects. Here we repeated the original work and showed that there is no systemic absorption of topical cyclosporine and hence no generalised immunomodulatory effect. …

    (c) DL Williams 2010

  • Ocular Disease in 1000 Guinea Pigs
    Here we examined one thousand apparently normal guinea pigs and document the prevalence of eye disease in these animals. …

    (c) DL Williams 2010

  • Welfare Implications of Eye Disease in Farm Animals
    All too often we see diseases such as New Forest Eye which must cause ocular pain and sometimes blindness too, but how often do we consider the welfare implications of these conditions as the animals are so good at disguising their discomfort? …

    (c) DL Williams 2010

  • Management of canine cataract
    OK, I know this is an old paper, the 1996 vintage, but it still gives a reasonable summary of what to look for when referring a dog with cataract for surgery, and an overview of what techyniques are used. …

    (c) David L Williams 1996

  • Ocular Disease in Rats
    A review paper on diseases of the rat eye …

    (c) 2002 Dr David L Williams